Friday will be early registration and allows Shooters the ability to conduct stage walk-thru. This will occur from 12pm to 5pm. Below you will see the parking area and Registration tent next to it. You will park here and then proceed to the registration tent to sign waivers and conduct the screening. This is MANDATORY and you must complete this first before going anywhere else or doing any walk-thru. Be mindful that on Friday the ROs will be running through the competition themselves, therefore some of the stages may not be available at certain times as they finish and move on. They will be starting at 730, so by the time you arrive, they will be nearing the final stages.


Saturday and Sunday

The ranges you see below on the facility are numbered on permanent signs and there are also signs throughout along the road indicating how to get to the ranges, which will allow you to easily cross-reference where you are going based on your stage assignment.


You are not required to park in the specific parking lot of your stage, however, you required to park in one of the below parking lots. There is absolutely NO driving or parking on ranges. Below is just a reference for you to use when deciding where to park based on the layout of your day. 


Where you slated for the stages involving the jungle run, use the below map for reference. There will be signs clearly indicating where to go, so you don't need to worry about getting lost. 

Jungle Run 1 is stage 5 and Jungle Run 2 is Stage 6, therefore they will ran together before exiting out the Jungle Area to move onto Stage 7. Jungle Run 3 is Stage 8 and will be accessed on the road that runs from Range 9 to Range 10 and where Stage 8 is located. Again, this will be clearly marked, so if you have never been here before and are slightly confused by the map, it will make sense once you are here and we will ensure you know where to go.